Monday, February 6, 2017

One Week Back on Track

First week of eating healthy

So its been one week since I've gotten back on track with healthy eating.  I've had several false starts, but I believe that this time I am really ready to get serious.  Finding out about my high blood pressure was a wake up call, especially since another health problem I have calls for taking medication that can raise blood pressure.  Its vital that I do everything I can do minimize my health risks.  

A few things have come to my attention since since getting back on track, most of these were things I *knew* at one time, but that I had kind of forgotten in the couple of years that I've been off track with my eating habits.

First, healthy food actually tastes good.

Eating healthy tastes pretty good, I get to eat fruit and vegetables, which I love.  I cook chicken and rather than breading it and frying it in heavy grease I simply smother it with herbs, spices, garlic, and onion powder.  I find that one of my favorite spice mixtures is "Perfect Pinch, Salt Free Garlic and Herb Seasoning." I'm not being paid to say that, I just find that I really do like it.  I sprinkle it on chicken, pork chops, my egg substitute omelets... so far I haven't really missed salt because of this.

Second, healthy food is a bit of a hassle.

No longer can I just jump in the car and head off for the day without any planning, no... instead I have to cook up some food to pack with me if I'm going to be out all day.  This is new, before even when I was on track, I didn't have to worry so much about salt, so I could grab a diet TV dinner.  Now I have to watch all packaged foods.  If I have a cheese sandwich I can't also canned soup, because the two together are too much salt.  I'm going to have to get creative to come up with some ideas of meals to take with me.

Third, temptations are everywhere.

Especially now that I am watching sodium.  My husband asks if I want this or that for dinner and I can't just say yes, I have to check the sodium content, and also see how much I've already had for the day... before I can say yes or no.  Also, as I noted above, I have to make sure not to combine two higher sodium foods in the same meal.  Its a little difficult at times, but so far I've been doing pretty well.

Fourth, this is doable.

This week's stats

Yes, at times it is difficult, but it is doable, and its pretty important that I stick with it.
Here are some charts that show how I did this week. 

Calories total and net

 First as far as calories.  My total calories for the week are shown with the following graph, my average total calories for each day this week were 1449.  The graph also shows a breakdown of what time slots each day I took in various amounts of calories.

This graph shows total calories consumed each day
and also breaks it down into meals.
This next graph shows my net calories per day.  Net calories is something that My Fitness pal does. Lets say my calorie goal for the day is 1900, but also work out more today than usual, and I burn an additional 400 calories, now My Fitness Pal will add 400 calories to my goal, so my total allowed calories would be 2,300, but if I eat those 2,300 calories, my net calories are still just 1900 for the day.  Sometimes, if I sit around too much, my fitness tracker sends the info to My Fitness Pal and My Fitness Pal takes away from how many calories I'm allowed, but usually that is not the case.

So net calories are basically: Total Calories - calories burned in exercise. Here is a graph that shows my net calories for the week.  From the chart you can see that I stayed under my goal all week.
Net Calories = total calories - calories burned through exercise.


Of course there's more to healthy eating than just calories.  As for nutrients, here are my averages this week, I am glad to see that I kept my sodium, fat, and carbohydrates under the allowance, I also got more than I needed of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and Calcium.


Lastly I also stayed pretty close to the recommended goals for what percentage of calories come from each main group of macro-nutrients.


I didn't do a whole lot of exercise this week.  I did go for a 30 minute walk 4 days of the week, I know I still need to increase that, but I am going slowly at it, concentrating on getting my eating under control first.

Results of week one.

So you've seen how I've done as far as my eating habits, but what, if any, results have I seen so far?


Last Monday my weight was 284.4, this morning I weighed in at 276.4, so I lost 8 pounds this week.

Blood Pressure:

My blood pressure fluctuates from day to day, but overall I am starting to see a downward trend.  I took my blood pressure all but one day this past week, and here are the numbers:
January 30th - 164/104
January 31 - 166/102
February 1 - 156/100
February 2 - 158/99
February 3 - 140/101
February 5 - 133/97
February 6 137/96 

So in one week of healthy eating my Systolic BP has come down 27 mmHg,  and my diastolic BP has come down 8 mmHg.

I'm not going to post waist measurements, body-fat percentages, BMI and all of that every week, I think once per month will be enough for that.  Its my blood pressure that I am most concerned with, and I'm aiming to get it down.  My first goal is to get it under 140/90, but then I hope to get it lower, as close to 120/60 as I can.


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