Friday, July 8, 2016

A Great New (or is it old?) Way to Stay on Track

What is the system?

In my last post I hinted about a system that was really helping me to keep on track, not just with diet and exercise, but in all areas of my life.  Since starting this system my productivity has grown exponentially.  So What is this wonderful system?  Is it some fancy new high tech app that orders my days for me?  Is it an alarm going off prompting me to start the next activity?  Well, actually, no.

The Bullet Journal System

What I've been doing isn't really new, and it certainly isn't high tech.  At its heart it consists of a notebook, or journal, and a pen.

It is basically building your own planner / journal, so that it meets your needs exactly.  With it you can track future events so you don't forget them, have a list of tasks to do each day, and an easy system to move tasks that don't get done to the next day so that you can give them another go.

I'm still using Sparkpeople to track my calories, but I track whether or not I actually used sparkpeople in the bullet journal on a page called a habit tracker.

Now, I've only been using this system a few days, but I've accomplished more in the past few days than in the month previous!

Since I'm so new to Bullet Journaling, I certainly can't claim any expertise in the system.  I made a few mistakes and laid things out differently than I should have, but the system is flexible enough to go with those errors, and still work.

If you'd like a basic intro to bullet journaling, I recommend you go to the original source of the system first, and then look at how others have customized it to fit their own needs.  It can be adapted and changed endlessly, with all kinds of artistic flair added, but its probably good to go to the original idea and get the basics first.  To do that, watch the following video from the creator of the system:

Now, from here you can google "Bullet Journal" and get all kinds of awesome ideas.

For me, after I do each daily spread, I do a short, or sometimes a long, evaluation of how the day went, what were my mistakes in using the system?  Did I stick to my plan?  Did I assign myself too many, not enough, or just the right amount of tasks?  Overall how did the day go?

Just to give you an idea of how my productivity has increased, here is today's evaluation, and the start of tomorrows task list, if you read my evaluation you can see that I really got a lot done today, including walking over 4.4 miles!


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I'm Still Here

I haven't posted as regularly as I should have, but I'm still here and haven't given up.  I did have a few off days, but I'm back on track now, and the damage was minimal.

I have come across a system that really seems to be keeping me on track, not just in my eating habits and exercise, but in other areas as well.  I will post more about that soon.

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