Thursday, June 2, 2016

Midweek Check in

My New Health Plan So Far

Just a quick update on how my new health plan is going.

Its Been a Few Days

Well, it was Sunday that I weighed myself and saw that I was truly starting from scratch, and it was Monday that I wrote a blog post about it.  Now it is Thursday morning, and time to check in. 

Refining My Calorie Goals

I gave my goals some more thought, and compared it to other sources and calculators, and refined the goals a little.  I ended up setting my goal on Sparkpeople at 1700-2000 calories a day. This is really close to the goals I set on Monday, but has a little flexibility worked into it.  Eventually the top ceiling will be lowered to around 1800, and the starting point will probably be lowered to around 1400.  I'll reassess every  6 months or every 20 pounds lost, whichever comes first, to see if any changes need to be made. 

Doing Pretty Well 

I've been doing pretty well on this new plan so far, it allows enough calories that I can have the occasional bowl of ice cream or cookie without feeling like I've blown it.  I'm not going hungry at all, I feel like I've been eating an awfully lot really.  Its not time for my weekly weigh-in yet, but I can tell you that I can tell I've lost some weight.  I'll know how much when I weigh in on Sunday or Monday.  I'm going to let myself choose which of the two days based on what's convenient.  Sometimes Sunday mornings are so rushed I won't have time to weigh in, other times, (when I plan better), I have plenty of time.  So I'll try to weigh in on Sundays and blog about it on Monday's, but I'll cut myself slack if on occasion I don't weigh in until Monday.

How much was I eating before?

Now, as I said, I know I've lost weight, and even now I feel like I'm eating a lot.  What is strange to me is that in order to stay at my starting weight the calculators all say I would need to eat over 2600 calories a day.  If I feel like I'm eating a lot now, how could I possibly have been eating over 2600 calories a day and NOT feeling like I was going to explode?!  I'm sure the answer probably lies in WHAT I was eating, but it still doesn't seem like I was consuming THAT much.

So now I'm done checking in.  Let me know your thoughts!  :)


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